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`3` for Martin Schlaepfer and three chamber works

total time 57:00, 2010
`3` was composed for the choreographer Martin Schlaepfer, originally for Ballet Mainz and later for Ballet am Rhein. Scored for 1/4 size violoncello, electronic effects and voice. The three chamber works were composed from thematic material developed during the creation of `3` and are scored for 1/10 size violoncello, piano, trumpet and electronic effects.

Two Compositions for Martin Schlaepfer

track 1.
`ein wald ein see`
2006, 42:00
bodhran, darabuka, flugelhorn, fujara, hathway saz, piano, voice and electronic effects
track 2.
mandocello suite `in my day and night`
2004, 24:00
movt.1 10:00
movt.2 8:36
movt.3 5:24
Instrumentation: Paul Hathway Mandocello

`a bird in the hand.....two in the bush`

music for modern and contemporary dance class volume 1, 2001
16 tracks, over an hour of music
varying atmostpheres, time signatures and tempi, ideal for warm -up and class exercises.
Instrumentation includes:
percussion, harmonica, fujara, dijeridu, organ, keyboards, bamboo flute and vocals.
All composed played and performed by Paul Pavey

`blood is thicker than water`

music for modern and contemporary dance class volume 2, 2006
14 tracks, over an hour of music
varying atmospheres and tempi with all tracks based around 3, 6, 9 and 12 beat rhythms. Ideal for warm-up and class excersises.
percussion, mandocello, trumpet, Hathway saz, turkish sibsi, keyboards, electronic effects and vocals.
Composed, performed and arranged by Paul Pavey

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