Since 1985, Paul has worked internationally in all fields of dance as a composer, dance-theater performer, teacher and class accompanist.
      As a composer Paul has written for many international choreographers and companies, his most recent works for Martin Schlaepfer, Ballet am Rhein, are available on CD. A classically trained multi-instrumentalist he performs many of his compositions live, records them to CD or writes them for others to perform. His compositions have been performed throughout Europe, Asia and the USA. Paul began composing at 15 years old and his eclectic style of influences range from Alternative, Jazz , contemporary Classical via Brass Band and Traditional music. In 2009 he received a `steps to music` award from the PRSF and Arts Council Wales commissioning a work for Welsh Independant Dance. He has recently made documentary soundtracks for Isabelle Colbrant (France 3), music for a short film by Marc Rees,(Wales) and a dance film by Nick Hobbs and Dieter Schneider (ZDF). He is currently concentrating on his fifth work for Martin Schlaepfer (Ballet am Rhein).
      In 1991, he was music coordinator and company pianist for London Contemporary Dance Theater, company pianist for Ankara State modern dance group, accompanist and invited guest to the artistic committee of the Prix de Lausanne, co-director of dance theater `company of shadows`, Zurich, has taught drama for dancers on the faculty of the Rotterdam Dance Academy and has been sponsored by the British Council to give workshops to musicians and dance teachers in Turkey and the Czech Republic. He has given `rhythm and breath` workshops all over the world including Prix de Lausanne operations in Japan, Bangkok City Ballet, Theater School Copenhagen and Henny Jurriens Stichting, Amsterdam.
      As a class accompanist, Paul plays for both Ballet and Contemporary Class and has worked with many schools and companies throughout Europe, including The PLACE, Rambert School,Laban Centre for movement and dance, Rotterdam Academy, English National Ballet School and Netherlands Dance Theater. He is also a regular contemporary class accompanist for the Prix de Lausanne and has recently accompanied classes for the Mark Morris Dance Company and the Royal New Zealand Ballet.
      Paul first worked as a dance-theater performer with Theatre Encorps, London,1989. He co-directed and performed five years with the Company of Shadows in Zurich, 1997/02 and in 2006/7 toured the Netherlands and Belgium with the Hans Hof Ensemble.